End of Tenancy - Checklist

End of Tenancy – Checklist You can take a look at our End of Tenancy Checklist. We make sure your property is cleaned to the highest specification.

Thoroughly Clean Property and Bedrooms

  • Dusting
  • Cobweb removal from all corners
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Picture frames with clean tops
  • Dusting of light fittings and shades
  • Thoroughly cleaned switches
  • Wiping of your skirting boards
  • Wiping of the door tops
  • Wiping behind doors
  • Wiping of curtain rails
  • Thorough wiping of your fireplace and the adjacent areas

Window Cleaning

  • Inside of windows
  • Window sills
  • Door wiping and fingerprint removal
  • Clean door tops

Cleaning of Drawers and Shelves

  • Clear out
  • Dust and wipe

Cleaning of Furniture

  • Wiping of all table types
  • Fingerprint removal
  • Removal of cushions and hoover inside sofa
  • Cleaning underneath beds and drawers (within reason)
  • Cleaning underneath sofas

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

  • Vacuum Cleaning through the edges
  • Furniture removal fro easy access
  • Steam cleaning options

Hard Floor Cleaning

  • Washing with special solutions for every surface
  • Removing hair residues and dust

Cupboards and Drawers in Your Kitchen

  • Thorough Cleaning – Inside and Out
  • Cleaning of Handles
  • Removal of marks and other spots around handles
  • Removal of cluttering items

Kitchen Sink Cleaning

  • Cleaning
  • Scale removal

Wall Tiles in Your Kitchen

  • Cleaning and drying of wall tiles

Refrigerator Cleaning

  • Removal of grime, mildew and food deposits
  • Wiping of fridge door handles
  • Rubber Seal Cleaning

Freezer Cleaning Details

  • Inside and out cleaning
  • Wiping of sticky door handles

Dish Washing Machine

  • Removal of grime, mildew and food deposits
  • Filter checkout

Washing Machine Proper

  • Inside and out cleaning
  • Rubber seal checkout
  • Cleaning of soap dispenser drawer

Microwave Oven

  • Inside and out cleaning
  • Cleaning of the inside top

Cleaning of Tumble Dryer

  • Inside and out cleaning
  • Dust and lint filters checkout and cleaning
  • Handles and rubber seals – checkout

Oven Cleaning Techniques

  • Cleaning of grease for ovens, hobs and grills
  • Thorough cleaning of grill pans and oven racks
  • Thorough cleaning of oven's inner top
  • Rubber seal checkout and cleaning

Cleaning of Toasters

  • Crumb removal
  • Extraction of small particles
  • Removal of sticky parts


  • Disposing of leftover rubbish
  • Rubbish bin – thorough cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Cleaning, wipping and removal of taps, fittings and lime scale
  • Cleaning of soap dispensers
  • Cleaning, dusting and wiping of radiators and towel rails

Cleaning of Shower Screen and Tiles

  • Lime scale removal and wiping

Cleaning of Baths, WC, Bidets and Shower Cubicles

  • Drainage checkout for hair
  • Lime scale removal
  • Tile wiping with dry cloth or paper

Cleaning of Mirrors and Glass

  • Cleaning and wiping options
  • Cleaning of your toothbrush glass

Cleaning of Extractor Fans

  • Wiping of dust and dirt

Pipework Cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning of pipework and plumbing

Bathroom Floor Cleaning

  • Hoover and mopping of floors

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Boxes and Packing

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Man and Van services

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Waste Disposal

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